An Expert Talk on SMARTUNIFIER’s Role in Industry


“Connect anything to anywhere” is the motto, but what does that mean in practice? What relief and advantages can Amorph Systems offer with the product SMARTUNIFIER in different application cases?

We are delighted that our CEO, Dr. Frank Frauenhoffer, was recently invited by T-Systems International to participate in their Expert Talk series with Wolfgang Weyand.

The Growing Importance of Connectivity in Digitalization in Industry

The topic was digitalization in the manufacturing industry, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to share our insights.

During the interview, Frank Frauenhoffer highlighted the crucial need for industrial connectivity. Especially he explains in an easily understandable way the business and technical benefits that SMARTUNIFIER brings as a universal connectivity platform to interconnect all devices and IT systems within any industrial environment.

“SMARTUNIFIER is a kind of glue that holds the systems together!”

Wolfgang Weyand and Frank Frauenhoffer particularly spoke about various industrial use cases such as shop floor control, tool management, energy monitoring, condition monitoring, MES integration, and others. And they concluded that for all these use cases, connectivity is a key enabler.

And they spoke about the challenge that in large industrial digitalization projects, with complex production environments existing IT systems must be replaced, old and new systems must be operated in parallel, and the integration of new systems has to take place step by step – and all this without affecting ongoing operations. Exactly that is an outstanding advantage of SMARTUNIFIER to make this possible.

In the end, a brief introduction to the latest customer project from T-Systems and Amorph Systems together with  Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG underscores the great potential of industrial connectivity within a large-scale, cross-plant SAP DMC implementation and rounds off the interview.

Many thanks to T-Systems International and especially to Wolfgang Weyand and Tobias S. Kasper for the invitation to Expert Talk! We are proud to work together with T-Systems to drive the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

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