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Connectivity Endpoint and Data Formats

SMARTUNIFIER provides comprehensive connectivity support for a variety of equipment, devices and IT systems. This includes many different preconfigured communication protocols and formats e.g., OPC-UA, file-based, database, message bus, Webservices and direct PLC connections. Preconfigured interfaces are available also for many standard software applications. A number of these connectivity endpoints / communication protocols require a first time customization from Amorph Systems for a specific customer connectivity use case. Please contact Amorph Systems for detailed information.

The following connectivity endpoints / communication protocols are supported by SMARTUNIFIER:

ADLink OpenSpliceConnectivity to ADLink OpenSplice middleware via Data Distribution Service (DDS)
AMQPInterface to AMQP Message Broker via Active MQ
AODBInterface to various Airport Operational Database (AODB) Systems that support standard communications via e.g., HTTP, REST, SQL
Apache Active MQInterface to Active MQ Message Broker
AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)Interface to applications running in AWS ECS
AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Interface to applications running in AWS EC2
AWS IoTInterface to AWS IoT
AWS IoT GreengrassInterface to AWS IoT Greengrass via MQTT
AWS IoT SitewiseDirect interface to AWS IoT SiteWise or via OPC-UA
AWS CloudWatchInterface to CloudWatch
AWS DynamoDBInterface to AWS DynamoDB
AWS S3Interface to AWS S3
AWS SNSInterface to AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)
AWS SESInterface to AWS Simple Email Service (SES)
Barcode ReaderConnectivity to any TCP/IP-based barcode reader (or other identification systems)
BeckhoffInterface to Beckhoff PLC via Beckhoff OPC-UA Server
CNCConnectivity to various CNC controllers (e.g., ABB, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Heller, Sinumerik, Traub, W&T Wiesemann & Theis)
DDSConnectivity to Data Distribution Service (DDS)
FileRead and write files from any directories (read: File Reader / File Tailer, write: File Writer)
FlinkInterface to Apache Flink to enable real-time streaming
FTPUpload and Download files to/from FTP servers
HTTPSend request to HTTP servers
HTTPSSend request to HTTPS servers
InfluxDBInterface to InfluxDB
InfluxDB v2.0Interface to InfluxDB v2.0
IBM MQInterface to IBM MQ Message Broker
In-MemoryCommunication via local machine
ISO-on-TCP(RFC1006) Connectivity of S7 automation devices with any communication partner
JDBCAccess databases through SQL and JDBC (refer to SQL Databases)
JMSSend and receive messages to/from a JMS Queue or Topic using plain JMS
KafkaInterface to Apache Kafka to enable real-time streaming
MESInterface to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that support standard communications via e.g., HTTP, REST, SQL
Mendix (REST)Interface to Mendix via REST
Mendix (MQTT)Interface to Mendix via MQTT
Mendix (Kafka)Interface to Mendix via Kafka
Modbus-TCPCommunication via Modbus TCP Server / TCP Client
Microsoft Azure (IoT Hub)Interface to Microsoft Azure Iot Hub via MQTT
MTConnectCommunication Interface to MTConnect compliant agent applications
MQTTConnectivity by implementing MQTT Client
NoSQL DatabasesCassandra, MongoDB, Hbase
OEEInterface to various Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Applications that support standard communications via e.g., HTTP, REST, SQL
OPC-UA ClientConnectivity by deploying one or multiple OPC-UA Client instances per SmartUnifier Communication Instances
OPC-UA ServerConnectivity by deploying one or multiple OPC-UA Server instances per SmartUnifier Communication Instances
PLCConnectivity to various PLCs (e.g. Allen-Bradley, B&R, FANUC, General Electric (GE), Hilscher, Honeywell, Krauss Maffei, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Wago) via TCP/IP
PMInterface to a various Predictive Maintenance Systems that support standard communications via e.g., HTTP, REST, SQL
POP/IMAPReceiving emails from a mail server
RESTCommunication via REST using REST Server / REST Client (Webservices)
SAP MIIInterface to SAP MII
SAP RFCInterface to SAP via remote function call (RFC)
SAP NetweaverInterface to SAP Netweaver via HTTP
SCADAInterface to various SCADA Systems that support standard communications via e.g., HTTP, REST, SQL
SECS/GEMCommunication with semiconductor or photovoltaic equipment using SECS/GEM interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communications (TCP/IP)
Siemens Industrial EdgeDeployment of SmartUnifier Communication Instances via Siemens Industrial Edge Platform
Siemens MindSphere (REST)Interface to MindSphere via REST
Siemens MindSphere (MQTT)Interface to MindSphere via MQTT
Siemens S7 PLC/TCPInterface to Siemens S7 1500 / 1200 / 400 / 300 via TCP protocol
Siemens S7 PLC/OPC-UAInterface to Siemens S7 1500 / 1200 via OPC-UA protocol
Smart DevicesInterface to various Smart Devices (e.g., Smart Phones, Tablets) that support standard communications via e.g., HTTP, REST, SQL
SMTPSending emails from SMTP servers
SOAPCommunication via SOAP (Webservices)
SplunkInterface to Splunk via HTTP Event Collector
SplunkInterface to Splunk via Metrics Interface
SQL DatabasesInterface to any SQL-based database like e.g., DB2, HSQLDB, MariaDB, MSSQL, OracleDB, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and others
SFTPUpload and Download files to/from SFTP servers
TCPCommunication from/to any (binary) TCP based protocol
UDPCommunication from/to any (binary) UDP based protocol
VIPA Speed 7Interface to VIPA Speed 7 PLC
WAGO PLC/IPConnectivity to WAGO PLCs via OPC-UA
WebsocketInterface to Websocket Server (TCP/IP)
Table 1: Connectivity Endpoints

Note: In case a customer requires to connect to other endpoints (e.g., computing devices, PLCs) not listed in the table, please contact Amorph Systems.

Data Formats

The following data formats can be used in conjunction with the above defined connectivity endpoints. The possible formats for a certain connectivity endpoint may be restricted based on the selected communication protocol. For detailed information please contact Amorph Systems.

BinaryHandling of any binary communication format (e.g., fixed/variable lengths fields, headers/footers)
CSVHandle CSV (Comma separated values) payloads
JSONEncode and decode JSON formats
TEXTHandling of any text-based communication format
XMLEncode and decode XML formats
Table 2: Data Formats

Note: In case a customer requires another data format not listed in the table, please contact
Amorph Systems.

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Download SmartUnifier v2