Last updated: 20. February 2024
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Download your SMARTUNIFIER here. Select your operating system, the version of SMARTUNIFIER you want to use and provide your contact information. Afterwards the download will automatically start.

Receive Activation Code

To use the full capabilities of SMARTUNIFIER and be able to deploy and operate SMARTUNIFIER Communication Instances we will provide you by email an Activation Key that allows a free use of SMARTUNIFIER as trial version for a limited period of time.


Install SMARTUNIFIER on your computer as described within the Installation Guide. Afterwards start up the SMARTUNIFIER Manager and activate the license using the provided activation code.

Tailored Offering

After the trial period ends, you can continue the usage of SMARTUNIFIER based on our attractive customer offerings as outlined on SMARTUNIFIER Offerings. To receive a tailored offering, please contact our sales.

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Download SmartUnifier v2
Download SmartUnifier v2