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SMARTUNIFIER Version 1.5.0

SMARTUNIFIER version 1.5.0

We are excited to announce the release of SMARTUNIFIER 1.5.0:

What’s new in 1.5.0?

Within Mappings, we added a time-based trigger option called rule scheduler. This allows you to execute Mapping Rules e.g., every 15 min.

In Deployments we have added the following features:

  • The new bulk action feature enables you to deploy, start, stop, and delete SMARTUNIFIER Communication Instances much faster.
  • You can attach Volumes to Docker Containers, when deploying SMARTUNIFIER Communication Instance using Docker.
  • You can now add VM Arguments to the JVM of the SMARTUNIFIER Communication Instance.

It is now possible to generate customized logj4 configurations with the new Logging Configuration that can be used when deploying SMARTUNIFIER Communication Instances.

What has been improved?

  • The progress bar and log output allow you to monitor the status of the restoring process of SMARTUNIFIER Communication Instances.
  • The REST Client Channel can now be configured using parameters within the URL.
  • The InfluxDB Channel supports now as well the Information Model node of type Arrays.

For more details on the new release, please refer to the official changelog at https://amorph.pro/getsmarter/smartunifier-changelog/ and our user manual https://docs.amorph.pro/SmartUnifierUserManual/1.5.0/index.html