Advanced Industrial Connectivity with AWS and Amorph’s SMARTUNIFIER

AWS and Amorph Systems collaboration

Industrial data exists in different components and systems, in various formats, and with separate access protocols.

To harness this data and benefit from the synergies of system-wide interoperability, businesses must effectively digitize shop floor data. To make data readily available across an enterprise also requires organizations to deliver the content quickly, reliably, and securely in the cloud.

Amorph Systems collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cloud solutions for our joint manufacturing customers. This post describes how Amorph’s SMARTUNIFIER software complements AWS services to deliver leading-edge connectivity for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The robust, scalable, and secure AWS Cloud allows customers to implement entire manufacturing architectures, as illustrated in the AWS Manufacturing Reference architecture.

The challenges of the industry are various when moving form a heterogenous data and information landscape towards a cloud based Enterprise-Nervous-System (ENS).

Figure 2 – Enterprise-wide OT and IT assets integrated in an ENS.
Example of an ENS

If you would like to learn more about the collaboration between Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Amorph Systems and how they tackle the challenges ahead, then read the full blog article here.

Authors of the blog: Dr. Frank Frauenhoffer (AMORPH SYSTEMS) and Dr. Stefan Schneider (AWS).

The blog contains also a real-life example as part of the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud Hub project with a predictive analytics use-case for the optimization of car quality control (Road Test Prediction).