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Below you’ll find information about the configuration components that are required to provide interconnectivity between fab devices and IT systems with SMARTUNIFIER.

Information Models

About Information Models:

An Information Model describes the communication related data that is available for a device or IT system. One device or one IT system therefore is represented by one Information Model.

Learn about what Information Models are and how to create them.

Learn about predefined and custom data types and how to create them.

Learn about Events and how to use them in an Information Model.

Communication Channels

About Communication Channels:

Communication Channel or simply Channel refers to a transmission medium. A Channel is used to convey information from one or several senders (or transmitters). Communicating data from one location to another requires a pathway or medium. These pathways are called Communication Channels, and the information is transmitted with the help of communication protocols.

Learn how to create an Communication Channel that reads file data – File Reader (XML)


About Mappings:

Mappings represent the configuration component that define when and how to exchange/transform data between two or multiple Information Models.

Learn how to create a simple 1:1 Mapping with drag and drop.

Device Types

About Device Types:

With Device Types it is possible to have multiple Communication Instances, which share common configuration parameters.

Learn how to create a Device Type.

Communication Instances

About Communication Instances:

A Communication Instance is a dynamically created application that can be deployed to any suitable IT resource (e.g., Equipment PC, Server, Cloud), and which provides the connectivity between IT-systems and devices.

Learn how to create an Communication Instance.

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