SMARTUNIFIER 1.9: What’s New and Improved

Explore the latest updates in SMARTUNIFIER 1.9, featuring crucial bug fixes for improved stability and reliability, ensuring a seamless user experience

We are thrilled to introduce the latest iteration of our industrial connectivity powerhouse: SMARTUNIFIER 1.9 Following the success of SMARTUNIFIER 1.8, this new release comes packed with exciting features, enhancements, and bug fixes aimed at elevating your industrial automation experience to new heights. Let’s delve into it.

What’s New in 1.9?

  1. Validation for Configuration Component: In 1.9, we’ve introduced validation for the SMARTUNIFIER configuration component, ensuring the integrity and consistency of your configurations across the platform.
  2. Environment Variables for Common Configurations: Now, you can store common configurations across multiple Communication Channels using environment variables, simplifying management, and ensuring uniformity throughout your integration landscape.
  3. New Mapping Trigger Type “Timeout Scheduler”: The introduction of the Timeout Scheduler trigger type adds another time-based option for triggering mappings at predefined intervals, further enhancing the automation and scheduling capabilities within SMARTUNIFIER.
  4. Implicit Data Type Conversion in Mappings: Say goodbye to manual data type conversions! In 1.9, implicit data type conversion within Mappings via drag-and-drop makes the process smoother and more intuitive than before.
  5. Enhanced Mapping Helpers: We’ve introduced new mapping helpers such as equals, formatDateTime, and more, making rule creation easier and more efficient.


Alongside the introduction of new features, SMARTUNIFIER 1.9 delivers substantial enhancements that elevate both performance and user experience:

  • Communication Status Indicator: Keep track of communication status between Channels with the new “Communication Status” indicator, ensuring seamless integration and timely detection of any issues.
  • Updates to MQTT Communication Channel: The MQTT Communication Channel has been updated to allow subscriptions on complex variables, expanding its versatility and usability.
  • Framework Update to Angular 16: We’ve upgraded the SMARTUNIFIER Manager Interface framework to Angular 16, delivering enhanced performance, stability, and user experience.
  • Improved Logging: Improved logging, making it easier to monitor and react to critical events, ensuring smoother operations and proactive issue resolution.

Bug Fixes

SMARTUNIFIER 1.9 tackles various known issues and implements fixes to enhance system stability and reliability such as:

  • Reconnect Issue in InfluxDB Communication Channel: We’ve addressed the reconnect issue in the InfluxDB Communication Channel, ensuring uninterrupted communication even after connection loss.
  • Connection State Issue in OPC UA Client Communication Channel: The connection state issue in the OPC UA Client Communication Channel has been fixed, guaranteeing reliable and stable communication with OPC UA servers.
  • Notification for Information Model Compile Failures: You’ll now receive timely notifications in case of Information Model Compile failures, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues.


Deployment types like AWS, Docker, and SSH are available upon request. Simply reach out to Amorph Systems to gain access.

For more details on the new release, please refer to the official changelog at