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Strategic IT Consulting

Integrative Business Process Management

For continuous IT support of business processes in production and engineering, we use the method of Integrative Business Process Management, which was developed for a major German automobile manufacturer. This method considers business processes and information technology as a whole and thus offers the base for innovations from the process point of view as well as from the IT technology point of view.

The method of Integrative Business Process Management is based on a view model. The model distinguishes five views in the states ACTUAL and TARGET with different correlations between each other. The taken approach leads stepwise from business processes to adequate IT functionality. Derived from that is the information and application architecture supported by state-of-the-art IT technologies.

Process View
Function View
Information View
Technology View
Application View

from strategy to “operation”

By observing and analysing all 5 views simultaneously, a parallel optimization of business processes and IT-Architecture can be achieved.

The Integrative Business Process Management crosses all activity sectors from strategy to “operation” of business processes and their supporting applications.

This way the method of the Integrative Business Process Management helps to overcome the borderlines between specific business fields and IT.

 WHAT OUR HAPPY CLIENTS SAY helped us in seamlessly tracking our products and monitor the equipment parameters of our production line resulting in a significant improvement of the throughput rate and the on time delivery performance.

Norbert Plogmann, Managing Director at United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH, Ulm

Amorph Systems is a longtime partner of ZF, supporting us in creating advanced vertical and horizontal IT architectures for our future Industrie 4.0 IT landscapes. Amorph Systems provides excellent expertise in the production IT domain and contributes strongly to ZF’s global Industry 4.0 targets with their deep experience in advanced IT and automation.

Patrick Warken, Production Execution (FIOP), FC Production Execution, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

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