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Boost your Industrial Connectivity to Industry 4.0 and gain more productivity and efficiency! 


SMARTUNIFIER represents a powerful and fully decentralized connectivity and DataOps (Data Operations) platform to interconnect all devices and IT systems including equipment, peripheral devices, sensors/actors, MES, ERP as well as cloud-based IT systems.

With SMARTUNIFIER a new approach to data integration and security is taken, which increases data quality and reduces time spent preparing data for use throughout the enterprise.

SMARTUNIFIER is the tool of choice for transforming data into real value and for providing seamless IT interconnectivity within any industrial environments.

SMARTUNIFIER Benefits of Perfect Industrial Connectivity

Maximize Integration Efficiency and gain Access to all your Data Sources

Connectivity Anywhere

Provision of decentralized connectivity on virtually any computing resourceslike directly on equipments, on industrial PCs, in data centers or on the cloud.


Intuitive designing of  interfaces  through a Low Code approach with customer-defined data mapping that simplifies interface implementation.


Company-wide reusability of Information Models and Mappings and interfaces that have been implemented already.

High Performance

High-volume and high-speed, real-time protocol conversion through decentralized architecture and  powerful data pre-processing by an integrated native compiler.

High Security

Security by design and by state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring the reliability, integrity and security of the customer‘s connectivity infrastructure and the transmitted data.

High Scalability

Unlimited scalability through a decentralized architecture. No need for a central communications infrastructure such as message brokers or databases.

Rapid Integration

Low integration times and fast rollouts  for establishing industrial connectivity on virtually any computing resources using preconfigured communication protocols and formats.

Meaningful Semantic Data

Simple exchange of meaningful data between different communication partners by using Semantic Information Models. SMARTUNIFIER

Data Highway to
Industrial Excellence

for many industry domains.

Shopfloor Environments SMARTUNIFIER for Production Lines

Production Lines SMARTUNIFIER for Quality Control Laboratories

Laboratories for Quality Control SMARTUNIFIER for Food Processing

Food Processing SMARTUNIFIER for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Airports and Airport Industry

Smart Cities

Smart Buildings

And many others



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