Advanced Production Solutions and Services

Production Solutions

Production Solutions

Improve your productivity with™, our platform for production planning, forecasting and control!

Whether you are a producing SME or a large manufacturing enterprise,™ puts you in the driver seat to maximize your throughput, reduce operational costs and meet your delivery targets!

The™ platform can be perfectly tailored to your needs, by configuring and implementing only the modules and functionality you need.

The core of™ consists of powerful set of modules, libraries and proven algorithms, which allows you to build your custom integrated, modular and highly flexible production system. This provides you off-the-shelf all required functionalities for storage, communication, scalability, security and reliability to build your dedicated production IT solution.

Select one of the following editions, configured on top of the AMORPH. pro™ backbone. Starting from them, we build for you the perfectly custom tailored solution.

AMORPH.mes, a comprehensive and advanced set of MES modules and libraries, offers you best-in-class functionality for production logistics tracking, control and forecasting. Not only that you can track all products, materials, orders and resource statuses, but you can also look ahead and see what will happen in your fab!

You want to monitor, diagnose and control your processes?

AMORPH.spc offers you out-of-the-box Statistical and Advanced Process Control functionality. Define your custom-made data collection masks, configure your automated data collection routines and access your SPC Dashboard from any device. The own defined data processors and powerful analysis algorithms offer you all you need for Advanced Process Control.

The key to increase your revenues is the AMORPH.aps. Whether you produce-to-stock or produce-to-order, or you have very complex processes which must be strictly followed, the powerful optimization algorithms and intuitive dashboards for daily and weekly planning allow you to get out most of your fab and maximize your operational profit. You can rely on AMORPH.aps to:

You foresee an increase in your order volume, but you don’t have the required capacity and therefore you need to increase it? AMORPH.aps will help you also to:

using the most advanced simulation and optimization technologies.

Integration of equipment to the host systems must not bother you. We designed the AMORPH.eq (Equipment Connector): configured by the equipment suppliers in their well-known PLC world, AMORPH.eq provides standardized equipment interface (e.g. SECSII) for the equipment. On the host side, the already provides this standard connectivity. Equipments that use our AMORPH.eq can be connected to™ solutions (or other MES or IT systems) seamlessly with no additional effort.